The Monter Within

Why create my own blog?

Well, first I must start with a confession…yes, unlike all those inmates locked up in prison I AM GUILTY. I am guilty of thinking disparaging thoughts about blogging! Brand me with the letter H, for hypocrite!

Yes, I was skeptical of the idea at first. Then there was a blog that grabbed my attention and I started following it. Then there was another, and another. Of course, enjoying other people’s blogs is not a reason to write one yourself…or is it?

I must also confess that I love writing, acting, public speaking…in other words I like to express myself and I crave an audience!! Reading other people’s blogs gave me an idea for a way to feed this monster within.

There is a downside, nay, a DANGER to blogging…and I venture into this with full knowledge. It is the one thing that “attention addicts” like me most fear….no audience!!

So why subject myself to near guaranteed agony. One reason:

I must. The monster within craves an audience!

And so from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for reading.

Please come again!

One comment

  1. Leslie,I have a myspace and I posted a few blogs…I feel like it’s kind of a mix between a personal journal and talking to a friend. The only person that reads my blogs is my dh. LOL :)There’s a part of me that feels SO silly posting a blog because I know no one else will read it…but…I have done it anyway just a few times.I’m glad you’re blogging, Leslie. You are an amazing, awesome, insightful, always-learning kind of woman…and who wouldn’t want to read the mind of Leslie?You Rock,Theresa

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