Pride, who me???

Pride is a favorite topic of mine, or should I say “overcoming pride” is a favorite topic.

We need to remember that as Pres. Benson said in his classic talk, “Beware of Pride”, that pride is not only a sin of those at the top looking down, the poor can be guilty of pride also. He also said that Pride is the universal sin, and that it is so much easier to see in other people than ourselves.

I never thought I was a prideful person, after all I was poor! LOL! Then one day, inspired by a Relief Society Lesson, I asked the Lord, “What lack I yet?”

For the next week, I heard the Spirit whisper too me, “That was a prideful thought”. Over and over again. Wow.

You might be surprised to know what one of the thoughts I had that the Spirit proclaimed prideful. I was/am poor. I was driving by a beautiful house much nicer than my own and I thought, “Yes, but do they have their year supply?” I had my year supply. The Spirit told me that was prideful.

It has been three or four years since that experience, and I believe I am much more humble than I used to be, but I still battle the pride issue.

One day, thinking this would be a great philosophical discussion, I asked my husband, “Do you think Pride could be the root of all evil?”

Without hesitation he said, “Yes, of course.”

Surprised, I asked him why.

“Because whenever we put our will before Father’s that is pride. Thus anytime we sin, pride is the root. Pride will be the last sin we get rid of.”

So yes, overcoming pride, and becoming humble is a lifetime pursuit, and one we cannot accomplish on our own, but I can tell you from experience, that when we take the Lord as our guide, it is a wonderful journey.


  1. Hi, Leslie! I LOVE you!!!I am having SO much fun catching up with you 🙂 on your blog spot.Though I do agree that pride is a nasty sneaky little devil…I personally feel that FEAR is the root of pride.People have many fears that manifest in many ways. Some of those fears are “not being good enough” or “not making it” in regards to our thoughts on the afterlife and in this life. So one may find oneself constantly comparing one’s behaviors or actions or belongings or amount of children, etc…against another’s…If someone is terrified of not being good enough, or not being WORTHY in some way or another, even if it’s burried in the depths of the “unknown” of one’s own Ego existence, then it is very easy to find oneself struggling with pride.If someone believes it’s possible to “make it” or “not make it” based on certain criteria…comparisons and pride will creep in and infest one’s thoughts.People want power because they are afraid of loss, afraid of being out of control, afraid of LIFE life-ing. Do I struggle with pride? You better believe it! For me, facing my fears and finding ways to work through them is how I am able to let things go and see all people as “WORTHY” 🙂 Working through my fears opens my heart wide open to LOVE.It’s all a life-long journey, however long that happens to be.I love you,Theresa

  2. “It has been three or four years since that experience, and I believe I am much more humble than I used to be, but I still battle the pride issue.”This reminds of a song wierd Al did on the amish….I am a billion times more humble than thou art. You know leslie…that is prideful too. I am laughing my head off LOL. Just thinking about this just boggles my mind. We have been playing a mind game here at home….our so called science project on our married children…anyway…anything we have gotten a good deal on, someone else says they got it cheaper. It has been so funny. If someone up ones us…then we just say…”well I got another one and it only cost this much” and then “someone gave it to me for free” and then it’s “They paid me to take it” We all start laughing our heads off. WE are trying to break our son-in-law of this very thing. It is easier to teach with a joke than it is with a sermon sometimes. I love you Leslie…I miss you so much! You could always make me laugh!

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