Just because…music that makes me cry

I first saw this on a web forum. Apparently this is the audition phase from the British equivalent of American Idol. Here is this guy who sells cell phones for a living. Pay special attention to the judges faces when he tells them he is going to sing opera. Can’t blame them, I had my doubts too.
Paul Potts on Britian’s Got Talent

I got an e-mail from a long time friend. She said she wished they could have had these guys at M’s (her sister) funeral. What a shock I didn’t know that M. had died. Obviously, M and I were not close, but it was still a shock. Then I listened to this song…
Amazing Grace by Il Divo

You are probably already familiar with this song, but I was completely amazed the first time I heard it on Delilah’s show. I only caught part of it at that time, and quickly jotted down a few of the words, because I knew I had to find the whole song! I found it and I have loved it ever since. I cannot tell you what it means to me…I hope you realize what a powerful statement that is for a writer to be without words…
I Can Only Imagine


  1. My mother-in-law introduced me to Il Divo. Did you know that Simon from American Idol is the one that found and organized them? They are incredible. I also love your selection of music, and I love you and your blog. It helps to heal the hole in my heart to hear you again.

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