Well, Dr. Rao author of the blog “my thoughts” has done it again. He inspired me that is. In his recent post he mentioned Bharathnatyam, an Indian dance. You know I had to check that out! Please don’t ask me how you pronounce it, you can direct that question to Dr. Rao. Enjoy the dance it is beautiful!



  1. I honestly donot know if the ability to appreciate art is instinctive [as in the case of childern appreciating the violin in the subway] or cultivated. I now live in an area where one gets to hear south indian classical music. But I ahve no ear for this at all [though I donot get head aches like Mr Kamthi did]I grew up listening to Hindustani classical and that must have left an everlasting impression. Another reason why we should catch them young [not for purposes like the Taliban are doing!]In fact the ability to experience classical music is said to be one way of realising the devine! That is why in Indain tradition music is Nada Bramhan. Nada is music and Brmhan is the supreme power [my translation]Hope a new hobby [art appreciation will make your already rich life richer.B.C.RaoFebruary 12, 2009 4:13 AM

  2. Instinctive or cultivated? Excellent question. I don’t know either, but perhaps it is or could be both?For example, some people are born with a talent say to play the piano. Others may not be born with the talent but could learn given the effort?I have delved into art and I’m loving it. It looks like it is going to take my children a little more time though…if that means anything. 🙂 Leslie

  3. I think the instinct is more important than cultivation.This applies to the genious and not for others.If one learns to play the piano and enjoy doing it then the job is done.As elders [and mothers] it our job to expose childern to all forms of art and music [also sports]. A child who always sees the parents reading or listening to music has more chances of picking up these habbits.If he[child] is a constant witness to fights, then?

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