Ode to Octopi! Eight Reasons to love them

Octopi, octopuses or octopodes, these are all acceptable plural forms, honest! Call them whatever you like, I LOVE them!

Here are my top EIGHT reasons why I think they are Ocean Royalty:

1. They are highly intelligent…gotta respect that in any species
2. They can change color…who needs tanning booths, or sunscreen. Don’t like your current color? Just change it.
3. They can change the texture of their skin! Smooth, rippled…imagine the possiblities…
4. They are curious. Me too!
5. They can squeeze their entire body into a space the size of their eye. You could pour yourself into your “skinny jeans” anytime!
6. They are great escape artists…Houdini has nothing on these guys.
7. They expel ink…who needs pepper spray?
8. They can disconnect an arm at will, much like lizards can disconnect a tail. And they regrow it later. Just think… ingrown toe-nail, no problem!

When I was studying Octupi (just for fun), I searched in vain at the library and on TV for Octupi DVDs. I should have just looked on Youtube! They have many videos. Here is a cool one for you!

Here are some news articles too.

Octopus gets inside Lunchbox at Boston Aquarium

Curious Octopus Blamed for Flooding

Legging it: Evasive Octopus who has been allowed to look for love

I proclaim this Octopus week! Eight cheers for the octupi!

One comment

  1. “We watched him swim away,” said Mr Crane. “He was a good healthy colour and he looked quite happy.”What does a happy octopus look like? Can they make themselves look like a smiley face?

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