Running the Gaunlet

I have a complaint about gyms. Is it just me or have you noticed that gyms are full of fabulous looking people? How in the world do they manage to wear t-shirts and sweats and still look fabulous? I hate them. No matter what I wear to the gym I feel like a disaster.

Walking into the gym is always the hardest part. Forget the actual work out. It feels like running the gauntlet. I am refering to the gauntlet as in a physical punishment, used by Romans and Native Americans, wherein a man must run between two rows of soldiers (the gauntlet) who strike him as he passes. Of course, as I walk into the gym everyone pretends not to notice. That little voice in my head says me, “they notice alright.” And of course, the little voice knows. The little voice always knows.

Why do I have to exercise with those people anyway? I mean there are co-ed gyms and there are gyms for women only. I propose a gym for fat people only. No rock hard abs, or sculpted buns allowed. Only real people, real fat people. Geez.

Which reminds me, my husband is losing weight. Yep, he is and I am so jealous. What is his secret? He rides his bike to work and back everyday, and he watches what he eats. I don’t know where he comes up with these crazy ideas, but it is working for him. Someone write a book!

Since it is working so well for him, I thought I would try it too. I suggested to him that I should ride a bike to work also. He got quite a good work out from that…laughing at me. Ok, so it is a few miles to his job and 20 miles to mine. Minor detail. I guess I’ll stick with the perfect people at the gym.

About the eating, I watch what I eat. I watch every stress-triggered bite and tell myself, I really shouldn’t be eating this. If mental wrestling burned calories, I would be among the perfect people already. I’ll just keep working on that one.

One comment

  1. At least you’re going to the gym. I made a goal for myself to go to the gym or start running more often at the beginning of the year, I even participated in a Charitable 5k in December. Haven’t run since, gah.Hey also I need your guys’ address, apprently nobody has it. Invitations are in the works.

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