What does expedite mean to you? May Drama

Here is another one of those posts from my May nightmare:

What does expedite mean to you?

Last night was a bad night. I had bad nausea and a bad headache. It is hard not to be worried when I feel so sick.

So today, I called the Radiology to set up the MRI. Apparently, the radiology department doesn’t have the same definition of expedite that I do. They won’t even schedule an appointment for me until the radiologist reviews the order. And that will take…24-48 hours. Today is Thursday, so it could be Monday before I can even schedule an appointment! Ack! Of course, I told her that my doctor said to expedite it but she was unmoved. “This is our policy,” was all I could get out of her. I was speechless for a moment, finally I said, “Oh, it’s just a possible brain tumor, what’s 48 more hours?” The receptionist apparently does not understand sarcasm because she said cheerfully, “Ok, good-bye.” I wanted to scream, long and loud…in her ear!

I didn’t have much better luck with the Neurologist’s office. They won’t schedule an appointment for me until a Neurologist “reviews” the referral. Nevermind that it was a Neurologist that told Dr. Chapman they wanted to see me. At least they said they would call me later today. The receptionist then cheerfully told me to “have a nice day”. I wanted to reach through the phone and slap her. “Have a nice day,” yeah right. Not today, thank you. Do these people have no sensitivity whatsoever? Geez.

Be afraid for the next stranger that greets me with a cheery, “How are you?”…I just might tell them.

What do you think?

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