Friends and Family, Family and Friends

“Love is a moment of stillness that sometimes a word can shatter to fragments or love can be a thing that endures, a rich deep current that flows unending down the years. I do not think that one should demand that love be forever… Each life sails a separate course, although sometimes, and this is the best of times, two lives may move along together until the end of time? Listen to the music out there. Is the song less beautiful because it has an end?” The Walking Drum, Louis L’Amour

In addition to being a beautiful description of love, this can apply to friendships or phases of our lives. Think of a long lost friend, or a stage of life like a pregnancy, or childhood – “Is the song less beautiful because it has an end?”

My heart is sad tonight. A dear friend of mine is drifting away. If she read this, she would say she isn’t and tell me everything will be alright (we had this discussion) but I can see it. Things are just not the same between us. I think of this quote and it helps, but only a little. I guess some hurts just need time to heal.

It makes me think about friendships and how important they are in our lives. How fortunate it is when our closest friends are our spouses or family because those relationships last longer (or they are supposed to). I find it fascinating to ponder on my husband and I’s relationships with our siblings, how those relationships have changed (mostly for the better) over the years. The amazing thing about that is that often family members are people that you would not necessarily CHOOSE to have a relationship with, but you are put together by family bonds. “For better or for worse” takes on new meaning as you come together year after year for family gatherings, celebrations, funerals, joys, and tragedys.

My sister or sister-in-law’s are not the ones I call to share my daily ups and downs, and yet they are the ones I spend the holidays (the most important days of the year) with. They are the ones that will continue to be a part of my life year after year as my friends come and go.

Maybe I should call my sister tomorrow and tell her about my day. . .

What do you think?

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