You Gotta Believe

It is funny how the most profound things can come to you and then seem so simple that you laugh at yourself for not seeing it sooner. I had one of those moments of mirth filled enlightenment yesterday on my bike.

I was riding along (it was a great ride, by the way!), and thinking about how much I love riding my bike and well, you know me…dissecting why that is. I don’t know why I dissect ideas either, it is like breathing. I do it naturally without choosing to. So I was pondering bike riding, about the wind blowing on me, about the freedom, the amazing sense of being young, and all the things cycling people love I guess. Then bam! It hit me.

I love it because I believe. I believe that this could lead to a thinner, fitter me. And that new me could ride farther and longer.

You are probably thinking, “well, duh, Leslie!” The amazing thing, though, is that for a long time I really did not believe I could lose weight. I was sort of like an alcoholic who says, “I can stop drinking anytime I want,” but they don’t try because somewhere deep inside they don’t really believe they can. “All you have to do is eat right and exercise,” I used to think. And yet I didn’t do those things because I didn’t believe that I could.

You have to first believe that a thing is possible before you can begin the journey to attain it. So simple, and yet profound. The idea is not completely new to me. I am profoundly religious, if you will, and therefore faith or believing has been a part of my life for a long time. Somehow though, I had not expanded that idea outside of the church walls, figuratively speaking.

I imagine that you are reading this and thinking, “But Leslie that is so simple.”

Yes, it seems that way on the surface, but look inside yourself. What are your unrealized dreams? What goals do you want to accomplish but haven’t started yet? What part of yourself is waiting for you to believe?

And most importantly, what will it take to help you believe and begin to accomplish those goals and dreams?

Sometimes the journey is the best part of the trip. I started riding the bike because I thought it could help me lose weight if only I could stick with it. Biking has changed me though and now I don’t ride to lose weight, I want to lose weight so I can ride, stronger and farther.

I blog because I love to write. I have always loved writing and for years have dreamed of writing a book. I don’t know if I will ever be published, but I do know that my blog has brought me a lot of joy. I love writing it. I love that all of you read it, especially when you keep coming back. Thank you for coming back, your reading is like a gift to me.

What about you? Dare to believe in yourself in your goals and dreams, in your potential. Give yourself permission to fail, the journey is valuable, but believe that you could succeed! You have probably already achieved many goals in your life. Believe and accomplish some more! I believe in you!

What do you think?

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