Disclaimer: Teenagers

Ok, time for a disclaimer. In my last post, I talked about seeing my life through my children’s eyes. Perhaps I should have warned you. . .this only works with children. Don’t do this with teenagers!

Yes, I didn’t mention it (poetic license) but my three older kids Ammon 14, Caleb 13, and Vienna 10, were there Letterboxing the other day as well. If I had looked at the day through their eyes, my reflections would have been very different.

Take Ammon, a young teen, but a teenager all the same. Through his eyes, I would get, “Mom, why are you so-o-o slow? Man, I climbed Mt. St. Helen’s with the Scouts faster than you are doing this 4 miles. But, I guess you can’t help it, cause you are so-o-o old.”

When I told him about my biking goals, he laughed and he didn’t even try to hide it the way my husband does!

Caleb has a quick wit and I don’t dare ponder what he might have been thinking.

Vienna is sweet, but brutally honest and she’s not even a teenager yet! Recently we were trying to explain to my husband why he should not be the “pitch man” for his gardening invention that he is ready to launch. Caleb said, “Let Vienna explain.” When she came in from another room, we told her the goal of the conversation. She thought for a moment and then grabbed a pillow from a nearby chair. It was a serviceable, but plain pillow. She said, “Daddy, this is you.” She then grabbed a pillow from another chair, this one very elegant, in a satin type material, and said, “This is what you need for your video.” Ouch!

So, you see what I mean? Don’t try this at home, and if you do. . .don’t say I didn’t warn you!

What do you think?

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