Technical…err…Emotional Difficulties

Remember back in the day when you would sometimes turn to a TV channel and instead of a program there would be a message “Experiencing Technical Difficulties, please stand by.”

What if you clicked on a favorite blog and there was a message that said, “Experiencing Emotional Difficulties, please stand by.”

Just saying. . .

Don’t worry, I’m fine. I just mean that there has been a longer pause on my blog than I intended because I was a bit stressed. It seems I can write when I am happy, or when I am sad, I can even write when I am mad. BUT when I am the emotional equivilent of a shaken soda, I can’t think clearly let alone write.

The fact that I am writing this now is an indicator that I am feeling better, so no worries. Why was I so stressed? Suffice it to say, on top of a stressful job that keeps me up at night, literally, and almost a half dozen children, we moved. . .need I say more?

Bobbi Jones Jones

All this makes me think, what if we all had signs, I mean not just on the blog, but on a t-shirt or a name tag? You know, for those bad days? Something along the lines of “Danger, do not approach” or “PMS: Enough said”, “Bottled TNT” or “Emotional level: Nuclear Alert”.

If we had signs like this then on a “Nuclear Alert” sort of day, some unsuspecting store clerk won’t ask, “how are you?” and get blasted with an honest answer. Or an oblivious husband won’t ask, “what are you planning to do today?” and be nuked by his wife for his trouble. If I were wearing a “Bottled TNT” sign, my children would have fair warning that they better get their chores done, or find shelter. In short, the world would be a better place.

Maybe simply a sign that says, “Emotional difficulties: Please stand by.”


Photo Attribution: Bobbi Jones Jones


  1. Sorry to hear that. My blog can go for months without updates because I can get so busy with school and (count them…four) jobs, along with other craziness of life. Where did you guys move to?

  2. I'm sorry you were having emotionally difficulties girl! Don't worry, I'm sure people understand and will still be here waiting for you to come back! :)Just found you through MMB! Can't wait to read more!.. Emotional difficulties or not 🙂

  3. Sis Snoopy…thanx! :)Tyler…four? Wowzer, when do you sleep? We moved just 5 miles down the road, but we are once again home owners! Yippee!Future Mama, Welcome! I'm so glad you dropped in. I'll visit you on your blog too! :)Leslie

  4. Congratulations on your new home, Leslie! It can often be forgotten that even "good" things can be stressful (marriage, going off to college, new baby, promotion, etc….). Lines of prose can still my heart. Your "emotional equivalent…" did it to me. Thanks for the always beautiful.Love, Arica

  5. Arica,No, thank YOU for leaving me comments like this that brighten my day not only the first time I read them, but again and again later.Love, Leslie

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