P.S. Bethel

I apologize, I was writing my last post One Step Forward, One Step back, when I got an important phone call I was anticipating.  In my nervous energy, I hit “publish” instead of “save as draft”.

I know from previous experience (kind of embarrassing) that I can delete on Blogger, but it will still post on Google Reader, and maybe Facebook too, I’m not sure.  So what you got was the ROUGH draft version.  Sorry to torture you that way.  Don’t laugh, maybe I have some obsessive-compulsive editor friends, you don’t know!

Anyway, I just moved and can’t find my pictures of Bethel.  Most of them were of my dog anyway.  I found these pictures for you though.  These are a must see, this photographer did a great job “capturing” Bethel.  You will really get a taste of it, and maybe that will help you get the bad taste of my rough draft out of your memory. Wink!



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