Tell me more about that…

I have been thinking about words.  Yep, words.  I like language; I like communication.  You have heard about the importance of words like “I’m sorry”, and “I love you”.  Those are important, but not nothing new to ponder there.

I was thinking about other important words.  I really like, “…tell me about that.”  What an awesome phrase when it is followed by real listening.  Listening seems like a simple thing, but it is a quality that most of us need to work at.  It’s something you might not think about until you come across someone who is a really good listener and they say, “tell me about that,” and then really listen.  It’s powerful.

I also like “I wonder…” and “what if”…these are words that have the potential to expand our horizons.

I adore “what do you think?” or “I would like your opinion…”  Whenever someone asks me for my opinion, I laugh in delight and say, “I love to be asked my opinion.  I consider it a great compliment, ask away.”  

Any “words of affirmation” like “I’m proud of you”, “good job”, “well done”…make my day anytime.  You could throw in “I love your blog” if you like…I wouldn’t mind. 

We learned as children the saying about ‘sticks and stones’.  It’s such a cliche that I don’t even need to finish the sentence, but it is true.  If someone punches you, the bruises heal, but when someone says something hurtful to you the “wound” from that can go on for years.  Thankfully, though, the opposite is also true.  Kind things that are said to you can live in your heart and bring a smile to your face for years as well.

One of the best things about words is that they are available to any of us, no money or special skills required.

Years ago, I read a inspirational quote from Mother Theresa.  I have searched in vain for the actual quote, but it was something to the effect that there are people who are hungry not just for food, but for the warmth of a smile.  People who are naked, who need to be clothed in kindness.  I was living in Venezuela, surrounded by poverty and despairing about how little I could do when I read her powerful words.  I could give a smile.  I could be kind.  I could be a friend.  There was something I could do.  Powerful.

I think words are amazing.  What do you think?


  1. I like reading your blog…Oh and just FYI I have seven postcards sitting on my entryway table just waiting (for far too long) to be sent to you…I promise their authentic!

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