Bike Love

Introducing my new baby, my new-to-me bike.  Isn’t she a beauty?
For my fellow bike lovers…she is a Vintage Schwinn Traveler.
And here is me in what my daughter calls my “dork cyclist” outfit.
Yes, I always wear my helmet, it’s just not in the picture.
After a couple short neighborhood rides, I took her out today for a 12-mile ride with my bike buddy Shawna.    It’s love!
Since he tried to sneak in the last picture, here is my other baby, Ryker.


  1. I love the "dork" bike! You are looking good! Hope you are safe on that thing… I tend to crash. You should "tell me more about it?" I would ask much if I was there… Love the blog! Keep it up. Love, Pam

  2. Pam, I wish you were here to go for a ride with me. You couldn't be any clumsier than I am…so far I have only crashed once. Don't ask, it's embarassing, and I wasn't hurt. That is all I'm going to say about that!

  3. I adore old bikes! I had a couple before I moved to TX (don't remember what they were – how lame am I?). ONe of my dreams some day is to have the space to keep a few old "vintage" bikes for some fun rides. No different than being one of those people that have the old antique or "classic" car they only take a spin on in the summer time, lol. I see your bike outfite is similiar to mine. =)

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