Now THAT’S Music: Mountain Blue

Because I have two teenagers at home now, music is commonly a conversation topic.  “Mom, listen to this song, you’ll like this one,” is a phrase I hear often.  I guess I should be flattered that they care if I like their music, but no, let’s be honest, they want me to like their music so we can listen to it in the car together.  I have explained to them that we can’t listen to their music in the car for one important reason…I can’t tolerate their music for more than 3 seconds, 10 max!  They feel the same about mine.  Though how anyone could not love mushy Delilah love songs, I can’t imagine.

I am not really a big “music person”.  I could probably count my CD’s on one hand (on the other hand, I have hundreds of books!) And still, I am amazed at what a huge influence music is in our lives, even mine.  Lately I have been rather pre-occupied (health issues…enough said) and I find that music is very soothing.  When I need music therapy, I don’t turn to Delilah though (sorry Delilah, you’re still awesome!).  I have different kinds of music that I lose myself in, but right now it is acappella.  I love this group called Inside Out.  One day I decided that I needed to expand my music library, with more acappella, of course!  And what I found is the inspiration for this post.

Another kind of music I adore is Blue Grass.  One of my fondest childhood memories is of being at the drive-in with my family and hearing “Rocky Top” on the speakers before the movie.  Needless to say I adore the movie “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou” (my husband can always make me laugh by doing the Soggy Bottom Boys dance!)  So I was more excited than dog with a dinosaur bone (sorry couldn’t resist) when I found that there is a group that does Blue Grass, acappella style.  I found a sample on line and it was instant love!

Just in case you happen to share my fabulous taste in music (or if I can convert you…)  I would like to present…

Mountain Blue

You can click on their website to hear a sample…be careful there is no one around to see you dancing and singing in front of the computer!  Fortunately, I only had a small audience when I did it. . .

I e-mailed them to get information about buying CD’s, and here (by permission) is the reply from Todd, one of the group.

“We are unique in the fact that we are the only southern gospel, bluegrass, LDS, a cappella quartet we know of in the world! There are three ways you can order our CD’s. (1) On iTunes we have two of our three albums, but there are four tracks missing from the “Roll Back the Stone” album, just so you know (there are 16 tracks total), and those links are on our website at (2) You can meet up with someone in our group (most likely me) and get all three Cd’s for only $25 by check or cash, or (3) you can order them through pay pal on my website at and I can ship them to you. If you have any other questions feel free to call or e-mail me back. Thanks for listening and for your interest in our music. We love it and have a lot of fun singing together! Happy 2010!”

Todd Horne

If you share my love of acappella, Todd also recommends: Voice Male, Vocal Point, Noteworthy, and T Minus 5

Rocky Top, you’ll always be home sweet home to me…good ‘ole Rocky Top, Rocky Top Tenness… Ooops sorry, I..errr. got distracted…good ‘ole Rocky Top…da da da da


  1. How funny…I saw someone had clicked onto my friend, Lisa's, blog from a Google search using the words "Honey Bucket Room definition", so, nosy thing that I am, I checked to see what comes up on Google with that search…sure enough, there was my friend's blog with a post I recently "guested" on her blog and, next was a post from your blog (where you spoke of your time in Bethel). Well, I enjoyed reading that post so much, rough draft or no(!), that I clicked onto your archive list for 2010 to see what you had written more recently…and the very first post that popped up was THIS one. You have to understand why I did a double take…our family is HUGELY influenced by Bluegrass. My husband played in one of the foundational groups in Missouri for 28 years (until we moved two and a half years ago). They had opened twice for Bill Monroe, once for Jim and Jesse, and once for the Osborne Brothers. Barry Bales and Adam Steffy (of Union Station) and my husband have played on stage together… (There was an article about my husband's former band in Bluegrass Unlimited last year.) Our oldest daughter was singing bluegrass and playing banjo on stage before she was four years old…but, alas, now she has moved on to other forms of music. So, yeah…we are pretty hard-core Bluegrass in our family. And where else but the blogosphere could I find someone else who also writes about Honey Bucket rooms AND LOVES BLUEGRASS, too???? I mean, what are the odds? Too funny!!!

  2. Monica! You made my day! Thanks for reading and writing such a nice comment. You are right, what are the odds that there would be two of us in the world thinking of honey buckets and Bluegrass? Too funny for sure! Leslie

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