We interupt your regularly scheduled programming…

I’m mentally marinating my next post…a part two of the Ashes of Abuse.  But while I’m pondering, and before I present to you another sad and heavy topic (why did I just get a mental image of a cat placing a dead mouse at his master’s feet?)…here is a guest post, something on the lighter side from one of my favorite bloggers, my 11 yr old daughter, Vienna.  This is “fan fiction” she did for a writing class.  Used with permission, of course.

Woman Found In Pumpkin

By Vienna

Peter P. PumpkinEater was arrested this morning for locking his wife, Ms. PumpkinEater in a pumpkin shell. Peter will be pleading his case in court this Wednesday.

The PumpkinEater’s neighbor, Mary was walking in their pumpkin patch searching for her lost lamb. When she heard the voice of Ms. PumpkinEater calling out “Peter, I’m hungry.” Mary rushed to the pumpkin and peered in to see Ms.PumpkinEater.

When we asked the PumpkinEater’s neighbor, the old woman who lives in a shoe, why she didn’t report Peter she told us “I thought they got divorced long ago.” Ms. PumpkinEater’s exact words were “Peter is a cold-hearted, ill-manered, selfish, JERK. He locked me in the pumpkin so he could have the pumpkins all to him self. All he fed me was canned peas. I never want to see that pumpkin eater again ever!”

Peter will be pleading his case in court this Wednesday, claiming he had no choice, he had to protect his pumpkins, keeping her away, for it was all he ate.

Well one thing is for sure Peter will be having a hard time in jail because they certainly don’t serve pumpkins in there.


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