Searching for Orion

Before I tell you about Orion, I want to share something related…tonight I was bringing my teenage sons home from Boy Scouts and I said, “Boys, look at the moon, isn’t it fantastic?  I am so in love with the moon.”

Caleb, who is 14, replied, “Mom, long distance relationships never work out.”

 I have mentioned before that I love the Orion Constellation. When I see him,  it’s like a heavenly big brother or guardian angel or something.  Lately every night when I go outside, I look up and see if Orion is “back” yet.  (The stars have a slightly different rotation than we do, so while Orion never actually leaves, he maybe in our part of the world during the daylight hours.)  I can almost always find the Big Dipper where ever it is and from there I look to where Orion should be.  At least where I think he should be, but so far I haven’t seen him.   The crazy thing of this is that I could simply research whewill be “back”.  I have the perfect book for that The Stars by H. A. Rey (the Curious George guy)  I don’t want to “peek” though, that would be like opening a Christmas present early…it ends the suspense but it spoils the fun.

So while I wait for Orion, I can’t help but think of applications to my life.  For example, I believe that healing will happen, but I don’t know when.  I can’t even “cheat” on that one…and believe me I would if I could!  But like Orion, I believe that healing will come.  I will keep searching for it…working towards it. 

I have asked myself why I love the stars so much.  I think it is because they look like little points of light in the darkness.  That reminds me of some of the wonderful people in my life…they are my points of light in this dark time.  There are also good moments, some tender mercies of the Lord that remind me that  He has not abandoned me.  Even more importantly these tender mercies tell me that even though part of me is angry with the Lord, He is not not angry with me.  

So I will keep searching for Orion, and keep enjoying the other stars, people and tender mercies, until the dawn (healing) comes.


  1. Did you know..the Lord used to physically speak to man? But man didn't want to hear from God. Imagine….they didn't want to be able to hear the answers to our questions? How many times since then have we said, "If we could only hear him"?You can find this in the KJV, Exodus 20:19 -And they said unto Moses, Speak thou with us, and we will hear: but let not God speak with us, lest we die.They were so frightened, they didn't want to hear God's voice. So much of what we all endure is from our ancestor's doing. I can understand your anger…just remember…we can't know what good God can bring from something so horrible. He WILL avenge you. You may never know of it, but you might. He WILL repay. God isn't to blame..Satan is. Satan delights in the pain he brings upon God's children.Beautiful picture of Orion. Good analogy you have made.

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