Chess Klutz Gets Promoted


Transformer Chess Pieces: photo courtesy of my 9 yr old son

In chess, the lowliest piece is The Pawn.  However, even a pawn can be powerful if it can somehow make it’s way across the board to the other side.  If that happens: Pawn Promotion!!! 

A pawn can be promoted to any piece that a player desires.  Because the Queen is the most powerful piece, that is the most likely choice.  It doesn’t matter if you still have your Queen on the board.  You can have 2, 3, 9…queens on the board at once.  Such is the possibility of a lowly pawn.

Apparently, this is also true with “lowly Chess Klutzes” like myself.  We can make advances and be promoted! 

What am I talking about?  Enough beating around the bush…it’s gloating time! 

I almost beat my husband at chess the other day.  Boy, was he surprised!  I almost had him, but in chess as in life, I was too impulsive.  One rash move and his Bishop came “zinging” out of nowhere and captured my Queen.  Ah, such a loss.  I was so close to check mate.  (Note to self: don’t be so impulsive and keep an eye on those Bishops!)

The point…and oh yes, there is a point…is how I went from being a “Chess Klutz” to an “almost beat my husband chess player”!  (I’ll get him next time!)

The secret to my promotion is chess lessons!  Not just any chess lessons…because I have read chess books and tried to improve my game numerous times over the years.   Sometimes the key to learning something difficult is finding the right teacher.  I found the right teacher in Elliot Neff.  His lessons move forward is such a simple, but logical fashion that has filled in some missing gaps for me…allowing me to improve my game immensely.  And in a short time!

National Chess Master Elliott Neff has more than 18 years of experience in coaching and teaching chess.   His chess lessons are available on DVD, or through his “e-school” on his website:  Chess4Life .  If you happen to live in the area, there are private lessons available as well. 

The lessons are geared towards children (but you are not too proud to let that stop you are you?  I’m not!).  For me the beauty of it, is that I can share these lessons with my children…as long as I stay a couple lessons ahead!

Which reminds me…my 9 yr old beat me the other day (yes…I was foiled by the Bishop again)…does that make me a poor chess player or a really great chess teacher? 

Maybe I am still a Chess Klutz after all?  Anyway, check out the chess lessons available at  And watch out for those sneaky Bishops!

Disclaimer:  I have no connection with Elliot Neff or chess4life, I just like to share a good thing when I find one!

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