Emotionally Flatlined

The human mind has an amazing ability for self-preservation. At least that is how I am going to justify what I am about to explain to you. It sounds good. It sounds reasonable. Most importantly, it sounds sane.

When the emotional pressure (read: pain) becomes just too much, it is as if a an emotional circuit breaker flips…and suddenly no more pain. No happiness either…no feeling, just silence. Numbness…

…Emotionally flatlined…

One would think that after dealing with unimaginable pain, that this numbness would bring a welcome relief, and it does…for a short time.

But the unconscious mind will not be ignored. If the conscious mind refuses to acknowledge it, then the unconscious will “communicate” through the body. We call this…anxiety.

Shortness of breath, dizziness, nausea…this is the price to be paid for being emotionally flatlined.

When one can no longer tolerate the physical symptoms of anxiety and goes figuratively searching with flashlight in hand to find the circuit breaker box…

…the pain begins again…

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