Embracing Hope: Healing from Sexual Abuse by Chieko Okasaki

Dear Friends, Sorry I have been away.  I know you are all going through blog withdrawals  (smirk), but it is hard to write in the dark.  I have some candle light now in the Haunted Mansion, so I’m back. 
Recently a dear friend sent me a link to a talk that she thought I might like.  Like?  I didn’t like it; I LOVED it.  If I had one resource that I could point people to and say, “This is what I would like you to know about my situation,” this article is it. Not only that!  It is also something I could (and will) share with fellow survivors and say, “this really gave me validation, support and some ideas to help me begin to trust the Lord and others again.”  Truly wonderful. 
Not only is the content amazing, but it is written by a leader in my church (I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) and so that gives it a “stamp of approval” when I am talking to fellow members of the church.
This talk is truly a light in the darkness to me.  I don’t feel right about posting it here…copyright laws, you know…but here is the link:
In case, you have trouble with the download, since it is a PDF file.  I also found this copy on the net.
If my glowing review was not enough to tempt you, here is one of my favorite quotes from the talk (though I must say that every page of my copy…12 pages…is highlighted!).  Of course this quote mentions light….
“Another woman who had survived years of sexual abuse from her father spoke to me of the dreadful task of healing. I think of the Savior who shuddered because of the suffering, who suffered and bled at every pore, and drew back from the bitter cup, hoping that it was not necessary. He shrank away, but it was necessary. He says, “And I partook and finished my preparations unto the children of men.”
Children of men is a stock phrase in the scriptures that means all human beings or the human family, but in this context, I hope you will also hear it as a literal phrase, as the little children who have been betrayed and injured at the hands of men, especially who were entrusted with their care. Christ finished his preparations for these children. The time of their physical torment may be over, but the time of their spiritual torment is great. Christ also adds significantly, “Glory be to the father.” For him, accepting and fulfilling the atonement was a dreadful task, but because he did it, we too can lift the dreadful cup to our lips. The scriptures tell us, “He descended below all things in that he comprehended all things, that he might be in all, and through all things the light of truth, which truth shineth, this is the light of Christ.” It may seem inconceivable that the light of Christ is eradiating and illuminating the horrifying images and memories associated with sexual abuse, but such is his promise. If this is your situation, cling to that promise. Cling to the light, and let it grow stronger.”
Until next time, “Cling to the light” is good advice for all.

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