Monday Mitzvahs: Open Your Mind

Open Minded by Dr Case CC BY-NC 2.0 Flickr
Open Minded by Dr Case
CC BY-NC 2.0 Flickr

When I started writing Monday Mitzvahs it was sort of an experiment.  I wanted to know if I could find acts of service (mitzvahs) that someone could do even when they are very depressed.  And I wanted to know it would help.  The answer is yes on both accounts.

While I plan to continue with that, today I want to share a little bit different sort of mitzvah.  Sometimes when I am really depressed, it is hard to remember that there is any good in the world–that there are people who are kind, people who care about others.  So today I decided to share a story of a regular guy doing something amazing.  Just to remind us that there are good people out there making a difference.

Today I read an amazing, inspiring post on the Kindness Blog about a man in New Dehli, India.  He was concerned about the large numbers of children who were not in school  So he talked to their parents, and started teaching the children who were willing to come.  Their classroom?  Under a bridge.  Seriously, click on the link above for the Kindness Blog and read about this amazing man and all the children he is helping.

One of the children said, “Our teacher has told us that when poverty strikes you should open your mind and that can only be done through education.”

“Open your mind”  I love it!  This teacher was certainly an example of doing just that.  He saw a problem and rather than just shrug his shoulders and ignore it, he opened his mind and found a way to help.   It really makes me think, what might happen if I keep my mind open?

In the spirit of Monday MItzvahs, I have to say that keeping your mind open doesn’t mean you have to do something big.  Just helping one child to learn to read, or helping one child with math could be a HUGE thing to that child.

I am convinced that there is enough need in the world for all of us to do something, big or small. And  I am reminded of my favorite scripture, when we open our mind we will be more prepared to ” . . . succor the weak, lift up the hands which hang down, and strengthen the feeble knees.” Doctrine and Covenants

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