About Leslie

The Scenic Railway at Luna Park, Melbourne, is...
The Scenic Railway at Luna Park, Melbourne, is the world’s oldest continually-operating rollercoaster, built in 1912. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Welcome!  I’m Leslie and I’ll be your tour guide.

I hate writing introductions (or in this case “about me”,) but I’ll make the sacrifice  just this once, for you!

My blog is about struggles, triumphs, sorrows, joys…yes, many ups and downs that is why I say healing from child abuse is the scariest roller coaster you ever saw.  I try to write things that will help my fellow survivors, and also help people that care about us to better understand.  But sometimes I simply write because I have to.  My therapist says, “Pain needs a witness.”  Blogging has been a great outlet for me and helped me a lot in my healing.

In the archives you will find many of those pain needs a witness sort of posts.  I had some dark days.  I’m not healed yet . . . where is the finish line?  who moved my finish line? . . . but I am feeling a lot better these days to my current posts tend to be more on the “helping” end of the scale.

Finally, I’m a wife, and a mother of five.  I’m a dedicated chess-klutz.  I love history, reading and knitting.  Most of all I love learning new things.

So that’s your tour, let me know if you have any questions.  And again, welcome to the blog!  If you like my blog, you might also enjoy my books.  Look for me online amazon, Barnes and Noble and Audible.  My books are Touching His Robe and Everything I Needed to Know About Parenting I Learned in Prison.

You can contact me at lesliesillusions at gmail.