Touching His Robe

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In reading the book, Touching His Robe, my heart not only connected to Leslie’s shame, abuse and healing, but it was also connected to the One who lived among us and lives among us that invites us to touch His Robe as well. In so doing we, too, can experience healing and wholeness. Leslie throughout her book speaks of a kind of heartfelt internal courage that we who are broken through abuse or other sin must choose. Leslie leads us, despite whatever feelings might be, to decide that the experience of Christ’s love and His grace to be more important than remaining angry, fearful or shameful. She invites us to decide not only what to do what is best for self, even though it may be very difficult, painful, or scary, she gives us methods to do so. Such courage and faith takes us to healthier and even holier places within ourselves and in our experience of the world around us. I highly recommend this book.

Jeffrey M. Dire, Ph.D., AAMFT   Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Diplomate of the American Psychotherapy Association

Leslie’s book treads lightly around the abuse itself—in fact one only sees tiny glimpses into how dark those years of trauma were for her—but the insights she gains from it as she explores concepts like forgiveness, anger, and God’s love are what makes this book a magnificent addition to the genre. Her scriptural insights are truly thought-provoking, and I found myself nodding in agreement over and over as I read about oft-referenced stories in a new and startlingly original way.

— Josh Weed LMFT, CSAT

Each chapter was written with stories and examples to help me make sense of Leslie’s life experience.  I have had enough pain and was relieved that her words weren’t hurtful, but sensitive and kindly stated.  She gave me the insights to decide for myself if I needed to re-think my understandings of God, Jesus, purpose of pain, and recovery for the hope of happiness and less pain. I believe if my daughter had read this book, she would still be alive.

— Alice Hunt, mother of a survivor who tried so hard through therapy but lost hope and died by suicide at age 19

I couldn’t stop thinking about the millstone section and the unclean woman.  Some of the best encouraging writing I’ve ever read!

— CeeCee James, author of Ghost No More

I was touched on so many different levels, and by the beautiful way Leslie put things, so clear, so concise and so deep-reaching into my heart and soul. It is the exquisite pain we get when we see a masterpiece and the sheer beauty of it makes you cry with the joy of its magnificence but it also somehow makes you feel a little sad.

— Mary Sue Marshall, survivor and blogger,

Touching His Robe is available in paperback, ebook and audiobook at amazon.  The paperback is also available online at Barnes and Noble.  Also available on Audible.